Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ORACLE buys SUN!!! What's the future of MySQL??

A big move in IT industry especially database market..
ORACLE, worlds largest database company has bought SUN for $7.4 Billion. Does this mean ORACLE is going to be monopoly in world's database market? Because MySQL is the 2nd most popular & most used database in the world.. Secondly, its an Open Source Product, which means many small & middle level companies are highly dependent on MySQL.
SUN acquired MySQL in Jan 2008, also SUN did much development in MySQL. Now many Open Source supporters & promoters like me are worrying with this news that ORACLE has bought SUN Microsystems..
Future of MySQL?
What will be the future of MySQL after this deal? I think ORACLE will not continue development of MySQL rather it'll promote ORACLE database like they did with Siebel.. Now what is database option for Open Source developers & companies? I guess its none other than Postgres SQL.
Some positive thoughts..
I think, ORACLE can also make use of MySQL to attract small companies who cannot afford cost of ORACLE. All Open Source supporters including me will be hopoing for this to happen. No-one would be happy to see a product like MySQL been destroyed after this acquisition.
Also this'll be helpful to compete with microsoft's databases like SQL-lite.