Monday, September 22, 2014

Did Yahoo acquired Indian startup... "Bookpad"??

I saw lot of news coming which says Yahoo acquired Banglore based Indian startup called as 'Bookpad'. But Yahoo press release does not confirm this yet(22nd Sep 11.30 am :) ).

Waiting for official news.. Of course Indian startups are being recognized in world but other part of story could be Indians are not holding it for long to be more successful.

Some highlights about 'Bookpad'
  • It is a one year old startup
  • Started by yet another IIT engineers
  • Based in Banglore
  • Company name is Bookpad, product  name is DocsPad
  • Bookpad is working with digital contents
  • Bookpad had build a end to end document handling technology for the cloud
  • They have offices in India as well as USA

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Indian Entrepreneurs, Startups & Funding

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) ranked number four in producing Entrepreneurs, beating many Universities in USA. 2 week back I read this news. It was a pleasant and proud feeling.
India has been contributing to world of Information and Technology from many years, but this contribution is for service industry. There are no substantial  'Product' companies in India which made 'Impact' in the field of Information Technology. But these high quality Entrepreneurs coming into the race will definitely change the future for India.

Today I saw another news by National Entrepreneurship Network(NEN) which highlighted 4 Indian startups which raised millions.
The startups are: