Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pune Traffic Police

Before some time I posted a Pune traffic problem on facebook page of Pune Traffic Police and to my surprise I got reply from PTP that the complaint is forwarded to concern department. I was so amazed to see the reply in just 15 minutes.

I heard about of facebook page few days back but never visited it. Today i saw a friend posted on the PTP wall and got reply to his post, so I tried doing same and got the result.

This must continue forever, this will definitely solve (Rather reduce) many Pune Traffic Problems. Thanks to the PTP team who is doing this job. If people are getting so prompt reply and prompt people will definitely follow the traffic rules and wear helmets and seat belts.

My best wishes to PTP.
Pune Traffic Police website:
Pune Traffic Police Facebook Page:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Information Technology Policy Of Maharashtra Government

Yes.. there is a policy in Government of Maharashtra(India) which has suggested certain things that would be followed.
Good thing is that government has realized that 90% of the IT business is spread across only 7 districts in India(including Pune and Mumbai), so now they want to spread this in Nasik, Aurangabad and Nagpur because these cities have that kind of potential.
The steps are:
  1. To provide world class IT infrastructure to people
  2. To make people computer literate
  3. Computerize government procedures to maintain transparency 
  4. Grant upto Rs.15lakh for institutes for setting up computer labs
  5. A dedicated center will be set up as a part of Pune University to create digital library
  6. A Software university will also be set up
There are many such points mentioned on the website, I wonder if people know about this..?

But I did not found anything about Linux & Open Source in this policy. Maharashtra Government should seriously stop promoting MS-CIT course by Microsoft and start promoting FOSS (Free and Open Source Softwares) in Eovernment and in Education too.

I look forward to see each and every district in Maharashtra to have a IT-Park. :)


Friday, January 14, 2011

Did you know that your iPad can administer your Linux box?

This is something new to me. Apple is known for their cool design and Linux for the security, customization, stability etc. There are many Linux lovers like me who are also impressed by cool designs of apple products!!

We can administer Linux box with an iPad using SSH & VNC. Recommended OS for iPad 4.x or greater, though it works on previous versions, you cannot use multitasking feature of iPad if OS is less than 4.x
Following are the steps to follow:
  1. Download any SSH client from Apple's App Store
  2. Generate SSH key, setup tunnel and X Server 
  3. Choose KVM server as connection, use IP, hostname and username from your Linux box and enter password when you are prompted.
For more details refer this link

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scratchable Devices!!! Have you heard about them?

No No No.. Its not about itching.. The device does not stop itching :)

I am talking about some technology, in Rutgers University a project is going on which will allow end-users to write programs to operate household appliances like lamp, alarm clocks, coffee machines etc..

The language used is called as Scratch Language. Using this you can enhance functionality of your Scratchable devices. The technology used is UPOD.

Using UPOD's interactive interface you just have to drag some blocks and write your program.

For more information on this visit

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Patni aquired by iGate

What a News at the start of 2010!!!!!!!!!

iGate and Patni works in Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation, Telecom, Energy & Utilities, Product Engineering, Media & Entertainment, ISVs, Mortgage etc domains. Both the companies are working in similar domains and verticals, this is the reason that this acquisition is very important in the world of IT.

The transaction value is $1.22 billion, including mandatory open offer to the public stakeholders of company. The acquisition process will complete by mid 2011 & iGate is expecting profits by 2012.

The combine revenue of after acquisition would be near to USD 1 billion


Monday, January 10, 2011

Dimdim aquired by salesforce!!

For those who do not know what this Dimdim is:
Dimdim is an Open Source project, which is used for online meetings & web conferencing. It is real-time, rich-media & web based. It allows chatting, talking, slide show, desktop sharing etc.. That's the reason it is popular among Open Source people.

By buying Dimdim for $31milion in CASH salesforce has added one more great product in their pocket. I don't understand how these deals in Cash take place at this higher level!!!

The acquisition took place on 6th Jan 2011..

According to news, got extra userbase of 60000 chatter customers!!! Good Luck!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

interview in google

This was very exciting!!!!

After clearing 3 telephonic interviews I was called for face to face round in Google, Hyderabad (India). It was exactly 1 month back.. The profile was related to Linux, Networking and troubleshooting. I loved the way they take interview.. e.g. instead of questions like:
  • what is samba? how to setup samba?
they were asking
  • when do you setup samba?
So the idea behind every questions was to check how do I think, what are the ways of solutions I know. Some other questions for your reference are
  1. A user is not connecting to internet, how will you troubleshoot the problem?
  2. Number of ways of installing 500 new machines? what is the time required to setup these machine? which is the fastest way?
  3. What are pros and cons of network installation and kick-start?
  4. Difference between firewall and proxy, some scenario where these are useful
  5. DMZ
  6. VPN
  7. cloud computing etc..
I faced 2 video conferencing rounds and a face to face round. It was good.

The atmosphere and view inside google office was awesome.. as expected.. :)
The accommodation was excellent.

I enjoyed the stay and interview a lot. After 10/15 days I got a diplomatic mail from google like..
"interviewers are impressed with your knowledge but the current job profile is not best match for me, so we'll get back to you as soon as there is opening related to your profile"

Anyways, it was a great feeling to visit Google for an Interview. I hope I'll make it next time. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

After Long Time

Writing this blog after long time almost year n half....

It was not that i was tooooo busy.. but there were some priorities than writing blog.. but now i have decided that i will keep writing blogs..

But what made me write today after this long time is very important.. its about IT-Milan 2010-2011 Pune. I met some people in IT-Milan event today, which inspired me again to start writing blog.

I was also part of conducting quiz competition in IT-Milan. Response was good from SY/TY students, but freshers were not much interested.

Now I am waiting for tomorrow's sessions, some very good speakers and good topics to listen..