Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Should I Use Linux?

Every human being has its own existence in this world !!!

We have curiosity about life, we want to know things..
Remember when we were child, or just watch a child playing with his/her toys. What does it do?? Suppose you gave a toy-car to a boy no doubt he'll be happy, he'll play with it.. But for how long? Within 2/3 days he wants to know more about the car.. He is never happy with just sliding the car to you, thus .. he adds some obstacle to its path, he'll through it (in IT our language he'll test the car to the best of his knowledge). Then one day he'll broke the car & see exactly what is there inside it!!!
Isn't this true?
Consider a baby girl playing with her barbi doll.
She'll play with her for few days, then she would like to change her gadgets. She'll change her hairbands, handbags, shoes, cloths etc..

Imagine of a company who says "You cannot make changes to the toy purchased from us without our permission". Would you ever buy any such toy to your kids??

We purchase bike or car of our choice. Then we add reflectors, seat covers, horn, indicators, numberplate, side stand, side guards etc. of our choice.
Why do we do these things?
- Because we are humans, our natural tendency is to learn the things, experience the things. We are not donkeys who do not bother of whether 50 kg of mud it is carrying or 50 kg of gold!!!
We want to know about things around us.
If we stop a kid from breaking its toys & asking questions about it, the kid cannot gain knowledge.

Suppose one day i am driving on a highway with my friends & my car tyre bursts!!!! What are my immediate action?
  1. Search for a garage nearby
  2. if no garage available take help of your friend to change the tyre
  3. if friends cannot help take help of some vehicle passing nearby
  4. in worst case try to change the tyre yourself.
If a company says i cannot/shouldn't change the tyre (because i have signed such license when i purchased my car) instead i should call the company, who will attend the call as soon as they finish their current task (serving other people in queue)..
Would i wait for them to come?? Don't i have something meaningful to do rather than waiting for them? So would i ever want to purchase a car of such a company again???

But why are we forgetting same things when we become mature??
Why do we not want to break our operating system & see what is exactly inside it??
Why do we not want to solve small bugs ourselves rather than waiting for the company to release next patch??

Or some of us want to do this.. but they are caught into licensing!!!!!!!

If you are one of these unlucky people caught into licensing of your operating system,
PLEASE use Linux!!!!!
This is the reason I AM USING LINUX!!!
This is the reason why You should use Linux..


Anonymous said...

Hi Dnyanraj,
You say: Then one day he'll broke the car & see exactly what is there inside it!!!.... Exactly. The kid will break the open the car, just because he's a kid. Grown ups' like you and me will not dare to open a toy car, forget opening a real car.

Why do we not want to solve small bugs ourselves rather than waiting for the company to release next patch??: Whatever patches are released by these companies are well coded, documented, tested. And these releases are not limited to larger audience. While the bug fixes, you do, will be limited to you only. While, you so called fixes may also open up loopholes, which you for sure will miss out.

Have you ever opened up your cell. No, you wont dare to.

So, stick to windows, and be happy with what they are offering.

D'raj said...

what i meant by opening a toy car is 'hunger for knowledge', 'willingness to understand, what is happening beneath..'

When you say 'grown ups' will not dare to open a toy car', the reason is they are no more curious to see what lies inside. You & me know that there are some gears & there is a motor, a kid does not know this.

I understand every person is not capable of writing a patch for his system & the patch might not be as good as the patch written by some expert programmer. But at least he should be given right to see what exactly is happening when some error occurs?
Think of a small problem, suppose you are servicing your vehicle. Some part of it is changed each & every time, will you not ask the guy why is he changing the part every time? what is the main cause of problem? We are not blind enough is accept the thing as it is!!!

So its not just about Linux or Windows.. its about 'Freedom', i am going to write more about this 'Freedom' in my next post..

Gaurav Thorat said...

Hey i dont want to comment which is great Windows/Linux but i like your post which made me to try using Linux , i mean even i used to think like others that why to switch to Linux [when Windows is more rather most user friendly OS ever] but now i'll surely try it once :)