Monday, April 18, 2011

Be aware about some Facebook Applications

To all Facebook lovers and Facebook addicted people...
These days many FB apps are sending chat messages to the friends in your list, be aware of these apps as they might just want to use your personal/private data.. 
when you install any application you give right to the application to access your private data.. which is BAD.. Many apps like "who viewed ur profile" can be dangerous.. Sometimes these applications send messages to your friends on your behalf, access your and your Friend's private data (for which they have set privacy setting "Friends Only") and use the information for commercial purpose.
I have also seen some applications post some porn links on your profile which may damage your social image. If at all you see any link posted on your profile which is offensive please remove the link immediately and if you see any application connected to this link then remove the application too.
In the next blog I will write about some more privacy settings tricks of Facebook..
Have a Safe Browsing and Happy Facebook life.. :)

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