Saturday, July 2, 2011

Google +

Google is trying to get social like facebook....

Thus they come up with a 'new' (??) product in their list.. which is called as "Google +". I tried this 'Google +' for few hours and what I see is functionality is same but google has changed the way they do it.. e.g. instead of 'Groups', 'Communities' etc on other sites they have come up with a different concept like 'Circle'.. This is good in terms of design, appearance and the way we use it.. The word 'Circle' relates more to the certain groups e.g. we say my college circle, my friend circle, my sports circle, my social circle, my study circle etc.. So +1 to google for this.. :) and the +1 button itself.. we use this sign in mails, mailing lists, forums etc.. which relates us directly with the concept. 

The concept of 'stream' is very much similar to 'wall' in facebook, profile view of Google + is almost same as that of facebook, they could have done some improvement over here.. e.g. there is +1 button, there are friend suggestions, there are status updates, there are link to go to your friends, account settings, circles etc.. Only one area of improvement is to have bigger profile picture with high resolution. This is where I will give +1 to facebook.

Another thing which I do not like about this Google + is it is fetching all the data from your connected google products e.g. blogspot, gmail, picasa etc.. which is killing privacy. I would like to keep my friends and friend circle different than my professional circle..

Anyways I know that, google will surely come up with many more modifications and additional functionalities in this. So will keep writing about those in future..


Ketan said...

Nice one (or shall i say +1 ;)), did you get the account already? I had to register for "keep me posted" damn!
And I don't think Google+ kills privacy, but facebook surely does... e.g. even though it fetches the data from your google profile it is only visible to your friends/circle, which is not the case in facebook, i like your picture and my friends can see it too... and so can their, which is pretty bad.
In fact their usp is privacy as they say it... so a -1 to your that point :)

D'raj said...

The privacy problem you are talking about can be solved using account settings in facebook, even while installing apps facebook warns you about the data usage..
And lastly facebook is only social networking site, you may or may not add your personal contacts in it.. you can also limit your posts to friends in facebook..

About google, i worry about privacy because it connects your personal and professional accounts and keep analyzing the same for their use..

I know that even facebook does that but it is still limited to 'Only Social Networking' contact... they cannot analyze your emails and relate them to your social profile..

So sometimes this "Single Sign On" concept is risky..