Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Patni aquired by iGate

What a News at the start of 2010!!!!!!!!!

iGate and Patni works in Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation, Telecom, Energy & Utilities, Product Engineering, Media & Entertainment, ISVs, Mortgage etc domains. Both the companies are working in similar domains and verticals, this is the reason that this acquisition is very important in the world of IT.

The transaction value is $1.22 billion, including mandatory open offer to the public stakeholders of company. The acquisition process will complete by mid 2011 & iGate is expecting profits by 2012.

The combine revenue of after acquisition would be near to USD 1 billion

Source: http://www.igate.com/newsroom/press_releases.php


Peeyush Agrawal said...

Start of 2010 !!!!
11 days past of 2011 :)

D'raj said...

if you look at 365 days of year, those 11 days passed are nothing..