Sunday, January 9, 2011

interview in google

This was very exciting!!!!

After clearing 3 telephonic interviews I was called for face to face round in Google, Hyderabad (India). It was exactly 1 month back.. The profile was related to Linux, Networking and troubleshooting. I loved the way they take interview.. e.g. instead of questions like:
  • what is samba? how to setup samba?
they were asking
  • when do you setup samba?
So the idea behind every questions was to check how do I think, what are the ways of solutions I know. Some other questions for your reference are
  1. A user is not connecting to internet, how will you troubleshoot the problem?
  2. Number of ways of installing 500 new machines? what is the time required to setup these machine? which is the fastest way?
  3. What are pros and cons of network installation and kick-start?
  4. Difference between firewall and proxy, some scenario where these are useful
  5. DMZ
  6. VPN
  7. cloud computing etc..
I faced 2 video conferencing rounds and a face to face round. It was good.

The atmosphere and view inside google office was awesome.. as expected.. :)
The accommodation was excellent.

I enjoyed the stay and interview a lot. After 10/15 days I got a diplomatic mail from google like..
"interviewers are impressed with your knowledge but the current job profile is not best match for me, so we'll get back to you as soon as there is opening related to your profile"

Anyways, it was a great feeling to visit Google for an Interview. I hope I'll make it next time. :)


kedar.kachare said...

Nice man...

Anonymous said...

Remember... Well began is half done man... :)

~Amol Pise

D'raj said...

thanx guys!!!

Dashing(Amol).. nice to see your comment :)

Ashwini said...

oops!!!just missed yar....